Self Defence

In India, 848 women or girls are either harassed, raped or killed every single day.

CSK Kalari believes that women and girls in India have the right to protect themselves from violence and abuse. For this reason, we are proud to offer Action Breaks Silence* empowerment and personal safety workshops in schools in the Idukki and Kottayam regions of Kerala.

We do not teach martial arts; instead, our sessions combine a fact-filled motivational talk with physical self-defence techniques that are simple and effective.

The CSK team are fully trained by Action Breaks Silence and committed to empowering girls both physically and mentally – free of charge.

* About Action Breaks Silence
Action Breaks Silence is an educational charity registered in the UK, with operations in India, South Africa and the UK.
Since its creation in July 2013, the charity (supported by CSK Kalari instructors) has already taught a total of 29,000 women and girls in India FREE OF CHARGE.
Please visit to learn more about the charity’s work.