Kalarippayattu is the most ancient form of martial art originated in Kerala, which is the southernmost part of India and is older than any other form of martial arts prevalent in other parts of the world. It is still taught in the ancient style only from a Guru or the master the knowledge is imparted in to the disciples. This is a unique form of martial art in which it gives physical training and culturing of mind. Exercises, breathing techniques and Yoga are part of Kalarippayattu training process. Agility of limbs and body is achieved by training in Kalarippayattu is used for self defence as well as for vanquishing the enemy. It is considered Lord Shiva as the founder of Kalarippayattu. Kalari is the institution where martial art training and treatments are conducted under a Guru. The relationship between the Guru and disciples are so intense that trainees obey the commands of the Guru not only inside the Kalari but also outside it and are dedicated to obey him implicitly. The Guru teach Some disciples who prove themselves to be trustworthy, sincere and devoted, the secrets of most complicated and hidden moves and special treatment procedures. The necessity of treatment procedures came in to existence in Kalari because of the injuries sustained during the martial art practices and then it became a widely practised treatment in the Kalaries. Kalari practitioners ought to know many important details of the human physiology and anatomy also. There are certain vital points in the human body, where a hit or a blow received or a wound sustained may cause disability, injury or death. These vital points are called Marmas. Marmas are like Achille’s heel, located in different parts of the body. Devoted and faithful disciples are taught about the positions, varieties and the disabilities caused by injuries in these areas and the treatment procedures to cure the disabilities and ailments. All this knowledge is required for a Kalari Practitioner because Kalari training is so comprehensive that it will not be complete if the unique system of treatment for various accidental illnesses like fractures of bones, dislocation of joints and muscles, sprain and treatments for rheumatism, paralysis, low back pains, spondylitis and various nervous disorders is not mastered. The practitioners who stick to the field of Kalarippayattu must have a thorough knowledge of these treatments and massages. It includes so many external applications and internal medicines prepared from naturally occurring plants and other substances. In certain chronic illnesses related to spines, muscles and other joints, some twisting or pulling of nerves, or even a knock at certain areas can make wonders in correcting the disabilities.

C S K Kalari, Poovarni P.O, Pala, Kottayam is an institution very popular for giving training in Kalarippayattu and traditional Kerala Kalari treatments since 1981. There are five other Kalaries under C S K Kalari in different parts of Kerala. Gurukkal K P Suresh, who is the fourth generation descendant and the disciple of the old and respected grand-master Acharya Scaria Gurukkal, is governing the institutions and the treatments under his guidance only.