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S S Herbals at Poovarani, Kottayam manufactures patent Ayurvedic medicines and beauty care products. It is produced under G M P (genuine manufacturing practice) certification from the Kerala government health department and conforms to all the international standards. The medicinal combinations from ancient books are prepared in a modern way without compromising on its genuine qualities. Vatarid is a medicine which can be taken for arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis etc. Medorid is a very useful preparation to improve sluggish metabolism and is used in obesity, high cholesterol etc. Toxirid is a tablet which can be taken daily as a detoxifier which improves skin texture and facilitate good evacuation. Hyperrid is a harmless herbal preparation to control hypertension and stress. There is a lot more external gel and cream preparations for face and body for various beauty purposes. Aloe vera, cucumber, turmeric, almond, rose petals, red sandal, sandal, papaya, saffron, cocum etc are some of the ingredients used in the external preparations. The patent medicines and beauty care products are exported in the international market also.

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