Our Manufacturing Unit

Indigenous Medical Laboratories

Vakkom, thiruvananthapuram in Kerala is our traditional medicine manufacturing company which has got G M P (genuine manufacturing practice) certification from the health department of Kerala government for assured quality standards, manufactures most of the generic Ayurvedic medicines and some of the well tested and efficient patent medicines was established in1938. Behind this is Dr. Ragnad’s (Grand Father of Dr.Surya ) expertise of treating thousands of patients. He inherited his knowledge in Ayurveda from his uncle Ezham Sankaran who was the palace doctor of the erstwhile Maharaja of Travancore. Regarding Ayurvedic herbal medicine, Dr. Ragnad’s became a name of distinction in Ayurveda fraternity and today symbolizes quality and excellence. After careful analysis and evaluation naturally grown herbs and tree parts are used in the manufacturing of his medicines. Among his hundreds of medicines, Tonright is a specially prepared external application with which any kind of chronic tonsillitis can be cured with magical results. Ragnad’s cough mixture needs a special mention here because of its wide variety of actions in pharyngitis, cold, asthma, fever productive and non productive cough.
To preserve and ensure the quality of medicines, the traditional ancient ways we use natural fire-wood for making medicines and use china pots and big earthen jars to prepare and store them.

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